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Absolute Pets Claremont is a branch of the amazing Absolute Pet pet store chain, situated in Cavendish Square. Here, all pet owners have access to a wide selection of pet supplies such as high quality pet foods, pet accessories, and more. Our aim is to provide everything you might need to keep your pet healthy and happy. Apart from the products we have available, our in store team can also assist with grooming and veterinary care and advice.

The Absolute Pets retail chain is one that pet owners can fully rely on. We make sure to supply only the latest and greatest products for your pets. Currently, there are 35 stores situated at various malls all across South Africa. If you are not situated close to any of our branches, do not stress Рwe also have an online shop available where you can order products and receive free delivery for purchases over R500.

Our services and products

At Absolute Pets Claremont, pet owners have all the best products at their disposal to ensure that their pets are healthy and happy. We aim to supply products and accessories for all pets imaginable. Our product range includes:

  • Dog Supplies: to keep your dog happy, we sell blankets, leashes, food, clothing, bowls, grooming products, supplements, products for oral care, toys, treats, toys and loads more.
  • Cat Supplies: to ensure that your cat is well treated, we sell beds and blankets, food, clothing, hygiene and health products, water bowls, toys, travel essentials, tick and flea remedies, treats, and more.
  • Supplies for other, small pets: for small pets, such as fish, birds and rodents, we stock a variety of items such as food, chews, and hygiene products.

We regularly host a promotion on our online shop, so be sure to keep your eye on our website to get your hands on our top quality products.

We hope to see you at our store soon!

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