About Claremont High School

Claremont High School was founded by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) in 2011. We are a young establishment, but provide learners with a nurturing, challenging environment, targeted at producing excellent academic performances from learners who are not typically able to access quality education. Our facilities are perfect for the optimal development of teenagers, as we provide an alternative atmosphere to regular high schools.

Claremont High School strives to equip our students with the essential characteristics of active learners with exceptional academic performance. We also aim to produce students who are happy, enthusiastic and well-rounded individuals and responsible South African citizens who demonstrate honesty and respect for others. We encourage all of our teachers to develop and cultivate a dynamic, creative and exciting environment for students , and to maintain a holistic and empowering approach to an all inclusive educational atmosphere.

What we offer

Aside from offering an outstanding academic record and services,  we at Claremont High School pride ourselves on providing a well-rounded school, including cultural and sporting extra-mural activities to suit the needs and tastes of our diverse student body. We are immensely proud of well-kept, leafy grounds and airy classrooms, which provide the perfect environment for optimal development and learning. We have expanded some of our blocks in order to provide for our growing student body and classrooms, and have superb athletics, rugby, hockey and cricket fields and grounds for learners to utilise.

Parents can expect the following excellent services and facilities from Claremont High School:

  • Spacious classrooms equipped with the latest SMART Board technology
  • Science and Technology labs
  • Media centre (Library)
  • Computer lab
  • Attractive school hall
  • Swimming pool
  • Courtyards

If you would like more information about our wonderful school or would like to find out how to enroll your child, please feel free to visit our website or contact Claremont High School directly.

Opening Hours


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Our Address:

7 Molteno Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708


-33.9877687, 18.467618

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