Meet Ecentric Payment Systems

We offer payment processing systems and reconciliation services designed to accept and track in-store and online payments easily. At Ecentric, our specialists help you keep track of your finances through leading software suitable for retailers in all industries and of all sizes!

Founded in 1998, we have evolved through continuous innovation and continue to provide our clients with the best payment processing. With our technical expertise and superb software infrastructures, we strive to assist businesses in gaining better control of their finances.

We understand the importance of compliance and are proud to be recognised as the first certified decryption provider in South Africa. Our services meet all relevant regulations set out by PCI DSS standards to give you the ultimate peace of mind regarding the security of our payment processing.

The uniqueness of our solutions

  • Payment switching across Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Near 100% uptime through active-active solutions

How can we help your business?

The speed of digital payment processing has created a demand for new services that match this standard of technological innovation. Our switching services link all necessary channels to ensure no delay during purchases whilst ensuring an accurate sale.

Our innovative ReconAssist software will help you better manage your reconciliation. This software provides accurate real-time data free from human error for business owners to better understand operations and implement strategies to mitigate shortfalls.

For retailers looking to offer their clients value-added services, we have created the easy to manage OmniHub platform. This platform provides access to a variety of digital services providers through a single integration. Further to this, we can assist merchants with establishing money transfer services.

For businesses looking for online shopping solutions, we create safe and secure payment gateways tailored to your needs. Our online payment platforms ensure total security with any transaction and ease of use for your customers.

At Ecentric, we offer a wide range of payment processing services that can help your business process millions of transactions simultaneously. We’re committed to ensuring this is done seamlessly and with excellence. If you have any questions about how our payment systems work or how they can benefit your business, please get in touch with our team of specialists.

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