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Speck Pumps is a name that has been around in the pool industry fro many years! This brand is synonymous with professionalism and the manufacture of products that work. We specialise in the manufacture and supply of a large selection of pool pumps, chlorinators, lights, filters and other accessories to keep any type of pool sparkling clean, year out. Not only are our products guaranteed to successfully clean your pool, it will also allow you to maintain it with the minimum amount of effort.

The team behind Speck Pumps is well experienced and trained in pool care and will be able to assist you with professional and helpful advice as to which products you need to invest in for enhancing the conditions of your swimming pool. Each one of our products is issued with a warranty, from 12 to 60 months, just to assure clients that our products can be trusted. Upholding our unbeatable standards is not only a promise we make, but also one that we keep and aim to uphold.

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    Our products

    Speck Pumps is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of a large range of pool products and equipment to keep your pool in tip top condition year round. Our product range includes:

    • Pool pumps
    • Pool accessories (pool brushes, test kits, nets, thermometers, etc.)
    • Automatic pool cleaners
    • Pool filters
    • Combination units
    • Pool lights (including LED lights)
    • Pool chlorination solutions (salt)
    • Counter stream units
    • Cartridge combinations
    • Skimmers and weirs

    For more detail on any of our products or services, you are more than welcome to visit our website. Or, contact us directly for friendly pool maintenance advice!


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