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Hiring a professional and registered contractor, like Zendasat, to remove asbestos – regardless of a major or minor task – is the best practice when it comes to removing hazardous waste. Many people mistakenly think that removing such products can be done as a do-it-yourself project and do not adequately protect themselves, the environment or people in the area, or do not safely dispose of the material. Registered asbestos contractors will remove asbestos through proper testing, according to strict regulations and processes, and have the right equipment to do so. They will also responsibly dispose of such toxic substances, as required by various regulations and guidelines. This is all done while not exposing their workers, citizens and the environment to the toxic exposure of asbestos.


COC from Zendasat for Asbestos Removal

If you, as a building owner, discover that asbestos is on your property, the AAIA will draw up a removal plan to be executed by a certified asbestos removal contractor such as Zendasat. Zendasat will then provide quotes for such work to the building owner. Upon acceptance of our quote, the appointed AAIA is responsible for monitoring the project from start to completion. Upon completion, the AAIA will provide the building owner with all relevant documentation and a certificate of compliance. Depending on the size and scope of a project, we undertake to conduct tests at sites before removal. Our quotes are based on the scope of work involved in the removal of asbestos per individual site, as one site is not similar to another. Pricing is available on quotation. In some cases it is possible to treat or seal asbestos in situ, making removal unnecessary.

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